Always Ahead

Bespoke Technical Apparel at the heart of the Hammer

Our Advantage

At Niko our success has been built on our reputation to provide excellent customer service and to deliver hassle-free, high quality team apparel on time. We pride ourselves on an intimacy with clients which cannot be found anywhere else. We have an extremely nimble and flexible team which works individually with every client in order to ensure our final product is to the exact specification of the order.

We can react quickly and offer custom sizing and designs for clients wanting the ultimate performance experience.


For product and Dealer Location information, visit us at Nine-O

For Team Sales and Ordering, visit us at Team Headquarters


Building on a strong foundation of experienced industry veterans, and drawing on the talent of young innovative designers, Niko can take your concept and create a brand from the ground up. From a sketch on a cocktail napkin to a fully realized garment, our designers know how to bring designs to life.


We wear our work. With over 20 years of experience creating custom tailored, technical garments, Niko constantly strives to be ahead of the curve. Every year sees new, improved equipment enter our shop, increasing our ability to deliver competitive, on trend apparel, quicker, faster and more efficiently.

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