Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Niko’s in house graphic design team is staffed with experienced industry professionals with a modern aesthetic eye. Our designers have a fresh, young creative perspective, with a strong foundation in realistic production expertise.


  • Great looking, functional designs
  • Working directly with clients
  • Hands on proofing & feedback
  • Start to finish communication, from proofs to approvals
Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Our in house fashion design team and pattern designers are industry experts with years of experience creating highly technical garments. With a strong emphasis in quality assurance we rigorously test and vet fabric selection through the garment creation process.


  • Hands on development
  • MTO pattern design or modification
  • Direct contact between designers and clients
Brand Development

Private Label

Let us help you build your line, and further develop your brand. With the combined strength and experience of our graphic and fashion design teams, Niko is a strong partner in brand and private label development. We work with our customer’s in inline program development, from sourcing to seasonal line development.


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Sustainable stock / in-line programs
  • Competitive timelines and minimums


Building on a strong foundation of experienced industry veterans, and drawing on the talent of young innovative designers, Niko can take your concept and create a brand from the ground up. From a sketch on a cocktail napkin to a fully realized garment, our designers know how to bring designs to life.

Have ideas?

Work with us to bring your ideas to life!